Carolina Walk-In Tubs - How We Work
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How We Work

You’re not just buying a tub, you’re buying a relationship.

Customer service and care (it’s in our name afterall) are the reasons we do what we do. Our experience with the industry and its business practices is the reason we started Carolina Walk-in Tubs.

All too often we’ve witnessed clients being subjected to high-pressure sales tactics more suited to a used car dealership than a home helathcare business. This attitude is the complete antithesis of how we treat our clients from the begining of the sales process to our industry-leading post-installation support.

Use the checklist below to see how we stack up to our competitors.

Does the company you’re working with:

  1. Spend the time to learn about you, your medical needs and where your tub will be installed?

    At Carolina Walk-in Tubs, we begin every relationship with a phone interview. We focus on what the clients needs are from a safety and/or therapy standpoint first and foremost — we learn about your current difficulties and existing bathroom layout.

    We also will ask for photos of your existing bathroom which will allow us to begin to put together a real-world estimate for your tub.

    From there we will schedule a home visit at your earliest convenience.

  2. Make getting information like pulling teeth and pressure you to make a decision before they leave your home?

    We understand that the decision to invest in a walk-in tub is a very difficult one. That’s why we give you and your family as much time as you need to allow us to change your life.

    We will NEVER pressure or use any aggressive tactics to close a sale. That is our primary promise to you.

    I will share any of the information I've gathered over the last twenty years of performing home care in order to help you and your family find the best possible walk-in bathing solution. If I don't know the answer to your question, I'll find out and let you know as soon as I can.

    Communication and transparency are our promise to you. All my clients have my direct phone number and if I'm not immediately available, your call will be returned as soon as possible.

    Because of our process, we do not have an unhappy client. Please click here to learn more about how our clients feel about us.